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This a perfect power backup solution which guarantee the power and surge protection for Computers, Gaming Consoles, Wireless Networks and other home appliances.

 Available from 600VA, 230V to 2000VA, 230V




BACK-UPS Pro Family

  APC Back-UPS 600VA, 230V

  APC Back-UPS 700VA, 230V

  APC Back-UPS 800VA, 230V

  APC Back-UPS 1000VA, 230V

  APC Back-UPS 1100VA, 230V

  APC Back-UPS 2000VA, 230V Without Battery, With Scalable Charger, SMF

    APC Power Saving Back-UPS Pro 1000VA, 230V with LCD Display

  APC Power Saving Back-UPS Pro 1000VA, 230V, Without Battery, LCD Display

  APC Power Saving Back-UPS Pro 1500VA, 230V

  APC Power Saving Back-UPS Pro 1500VA, 230V, Without Battery, LCD Display

     Back UPS Pro External Battery Pack 12V and External Battery Pack 24V   

UPS for Network and Server

Scalable and Manage-able power backup solution and surge protection from entry level to high performance servers, storages and business networking systems like Data-Centre.

Available from 2000VA to 20KVA, 230V and 400V input and 230V output. 

Easy UPS Online Series
Smart UPS Series
Smart UPS Online Series
Symmetra Series
2000VA, Online, Rack-mount
3000VA, Online, Rack-mount
5000VA, Online, Rack-mount
5000VA, external battery-pack
750VA, 2U, LCD display
1000VA, w or w/o battery
1500VA, w or w/o battery
2200VA, w or w/o battery
3000VA, w or w/o battery
5000VA, Rack-mount, w/o battery
1000VA, LCD display,
2000VA, w or w/o battery
3000VA, w or w/o battery
5000VA, w or w/o battery
6000VA, w/o battery, Rack-mount
10000VA, w or w/o battery
15000VA, w/o battery
20000VA, w/o battery
4Kva Scalable 8Kva (230v, 400v)
8Kva, Rack-mount (230v)
8Kva Scalable 16Kva (230v, 400v)
12Kva Scalable 16Kva (230v,400v)
16Kva, Rack-mount (230v, 400v)

Backup Solution for Data centre and Facility

Scalable, High performance, right sized, modular 3 phase UPS power protection for any size Data Centre or high density Power zone. It also provides ultra high availability and efficiency.

Available from 10KVA to 500KVA.

Galaxy Series
Symmetra PX Series
Smart-UPS VT Series
Galaxy VS (20 - 100Kva) 3 Phase
Galaxy VX ( 500 - 1500Kva ) 3 Phase
Galaxy VM ( 160 - 225Kva ) 3 Phase
Galaxy 300 ( 10 - 80Kva ) 3 Phase
Galaxy 3500 ( 10 - 40Kva ) 3 Phase
Galaxy 5500 ( 20 - 120Kva ) 3 Phase
Galaxy 7000 (225 - 500Kva ) 3 Phase
10Kva to 500Kva, 3 Phase, Redundant
10Kva to 40Kva, 3 Phase, Centralized
For detail specifications please visit APC Official site [ here ]

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