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Passenger information System  
Introducing Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

Passenger Information System (PIS) or Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) is an automated hybrid system which supplies the public transport (Buses) information in real time through visual, voice or other media.

Real time information, derived from automatic vehicle location system through GPS technology.

A complex Cloud based technology put in place with the required software.

All the GPS equipped public transport (Buses), which will have their Unique ID continuously feed their location, direction etc. to the cloud based software.

The software will compile and analysis the received data, segregate  and send it to all the Large Format Displays (LFDs) installed in every bus stop.

The software will only send the specific data which is relevant to a specific bus stop.

The Large Format Displays (LFDs) installed in every Bus Stop which will typically connected to the internet will show the information (i.e Bus Number, Final Destination of that bus and Estimated Arrival Time) on its screen. It will show the data only for the buses approaching that bus stop.

** This project has been successfully implemented by us for Kolkata Police, West Bengal : India.

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