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Shooting Simulator   
  We deals in "Duratek Simulation Training and Reflex Shooting System" Developed by "Duratek Solutions Pvt. Ltd." a company formed in late 2014 who provides low cost, cutting edge solutions for commercial, medical, industrial and defense requirement.

The Company has partnered with Ti Training, USA to provide industry leading hardware & software solutions for Law and Enforcement and public safety Professionals.

They provides state-of-art solutions that offer excellent reliability with meticulous attention to detail solutions.

  Duratek Simulation Training and Reflex Shooting System (DuroSTARS)

The systems provide the training on comprehensive skills application & Development which gives the  real world feel in classroom.

Features :-

   Multi-Lane up to 12 firers
   Aim trace
   Realistic recoil effect
   Realistic visuals and sound effect
   Laser Operated vest
   Laser based return fire system
   Non-Lethal weapon options (Taser, Baton, papper spray)
   CGI and Video based scenario builder
   Room intervention Scenarios

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